It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change

I feel that if I am going to start making a change, for once in my life (anyone else start singing Man in the Mirror….no, just me?) then I need to start from the inside. For my entire life, honestly I have photos of chubby child me, I have not been comfortable in my body. I have always been clumsy, bad at sports, unfit and unwilling to stop eating carbs. I comfort eat, I eat when I’m bored, I live to eat instead of eating to live and I have zero exercise in my daily life.

There was a time where I did something about it and lost weight and felt great, but then I stopped caring, the lazy crept back and i put it all back on again and more. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and I don’t like the image I see in the mirror and I am 100% determined to change that. I need to do this my way. I am in no way qualified to give advice on any of this but I believe a few small changes can make a big difference.

$20 a month is also a little steep for my wallet at the moment

The first part of my transformation is exercise. I need to find something I like, something that is easy to work into a daily routine and something that motivates me to keep going. I did start with Kayla Itsines’s Sweat App and while I liked it, I don’t feel motivated by it and I feel it’s too hard at my current fitness level so that might be part of stage 2. It is really good though if you want easy to follow routines that don’t need a gym. I did sign up for my local gym about 12 months ago and went probably 2 times. I don’t like the gym environment and it doesn’t motivate me to do more so that’s out as well.

My sister had ACL surgery last year and was advised to buy an exercise bike so she found the most basic one on a buy, sell, swap page for super cheap and I was tasked with dragging back to our house from 2 streets over. It was a hot day, the wheels were broken and it was heavy. I looked at the bike in disgust every day from the lounge room. But now it was starting to look like a good option to try next.

My face after I got off the bike the first time. Chinning!

I jumped on and my first thought was ‘This is clearly built for men, my vagina is being mashed against this sexist seat’ but I started peddling anyway. I managed 20 minutes on a 5/10 resistance before I stopped. My bum was aching just from sitting still for so long. My job involves driving around a lot but my car is a lot comfier than that woman hating rock attached to the bike. Even with my butt aches, I didn’t hate it. And I found if I put on an episode of a show I like, lets say maybe RuPaul’s Drag Race (And you thought I couldn’t sneak that in again…..), I could just watch and almost forget I was exercising.

Each day I did a little bit more than the next & 7 days later I was doing 30 minutes a day on a 7/10 resistance. Every time I thought I was going to give up I’d focus on a number on the display and say ‘if I can just do another 4 minutes I’ll be happy,’ ‘if I can just get to 10kms I’ll feel good,’ and every day I got there. Now I am on day 12 and hitting 35 minutes, 7/10 resistance & more than 10kms each time. It feels good reaching the goals, and even though I HATE being sweaty (it’s disgusting and smelly and I can feel it running down my crack when I’m on the last 3 minutes and peddling like Lance Armstrong away from the WADA testers)(Side note, Icarus is a great documentary on Netflix about doping in sports if you like that kind of thing) I keep going. Because I said I wanted to lose weight and now I’m proving to myself that I can do it.

On the diet side of things I have gone for a 2 pronged approach. Firstly I re downloaded myFitnessPal and set a limit of 1490 calories a day (before exercise) according to the app this should give me a 0.8 kg weight loss a week. I also looked at my current diet and what I could change easily to get this happening. My job doesn’t help as I am a Sales Rep so I work on the road and often leave very early, driving all day with no access to fridge, microwave etc and don’t get home til about 4pm. Then i’ll spend 1.5 hours on my computer finishing admin work before I start cooking dinner. This means I’m eating a quick breakfast in the car at 6.30am, a coffee at 9.30, lunch from a quick take away place or nothing until 4pm, bad snacks because I am so hungry when I get home I eat whatever is there and then dinner at 7.30/8 when my sister gets home from her retail job (Damn the Monash Freeway to hell). Basically my snacking/lunch was killing my energy levels and providing me about 1000 calories over what I should be having.

They are actually really good even if sometimes they don’t look it. My fave is the Cajun fish with mashed sweet potato

I decided to give YouFoodz a go for my lunches because if I can throw something yummy in the microwave when I get home at 4 or chuck it in a cooler bag and eat on the road, I’ll be much happier. I hate having leftovers because I don’t like eating the same meal over and over again (ironic based on my TV watching habits I know) so having 5 different lunches a week sounded great and they always give you codes for discounts. I am also trying to have more protein and less carbs which can be tracked in myFitnessPal easily and I can choose my meal for that day based on my dinner/breakfast plans to have more or less protein.

I like to bake the pumpkin in a bit of maple syrup. We also add danish feta which is smooth and creamy

So now my diet looks like this: Breakfast still at 6.30/7 in the car but either 2 boiled eggs on wholemeal toast/Protein muesli bar/Protein Greek Yogurt in the squeezy tube. Skim milk coffee at 10.30ish. Snack: Peanut Butter Protein Ball (homemade) at 12.30. YouFoodz meal for lunch at either 1.30 or 4pm depending on how hungry I feel. Dinner will usually be vegetarian as my sister rarely eats meat so it’s mostly plant based or sometimes I’ll cook some chicken or fish for myself. Some things we have on the regular are veg stir frys with brown rice, pumpkin salad with Spinach & Pine Nuts, Veg Burritos with Mexican corn and Roasted veggie stacks.

It’s been 10 days since I changed my diet and I am 1.2kg down and feeling great. I have more energy, less cravings for bad food and just generally feel much better. On the weekends I do allow myself ‘treat’ foods – this girl will never give up pizza completely.

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