Doing things i don’t want to do.


"If tomorrows not the due date, todays not the do date" - ancient millennial proverb Procrastination Termination For my entire 27 & 3/4 years (that's 332 months in new mum speak) I have been a procrastinator....and a damn good one at that. Whether it be to unload my dishwasher, hand in an assignment, leave for … Continue reading Doing things i don’t want to do.

Putin’ in the hard work

Yep you read that right. Putin. I have decided to learn Russian. I've always said I wanted to get back to learning a language. I did Indonesian, French & Japanese at various times throughout my schooling but it's been over 12 years since I studied any of them in depth. I remember picking up Japanese … Continue reading Putin’ in the hard work